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Lightweight Polyethylene Shipping Cases and More

Polyethylene offers an ideal case material for many shipping and carrying needs. Polyethylene cases are lightweight, durable, and suitable for musical instruments, artwork, testing equipment, medical equipment, computers, and myriad other item types. While ATA cases are best for rough handling, a lightweight polyethylene case is a great choice to help reduce shipping weight and lower your costs when extreme protection isn’t required. 

Standard cases don’t always fit exactly right. At Custom Case Company, we specialize in creating custom cases that offer superior protection from vibrations, shocks, and impacts. 

Types of Shipping Cases

Lightweight Polyethylene Shipping Cases

The appropriate shipping case depends upon the size and weight of the object, weight restrictions, shipping costs, budget, and any unique risks associated with handling and the particular shipping route.

  • ATA shipping cases. Air Transport Association (ATA) cases are built according to specific guidelines to protect sensitive equipment like lighting, musical instruments, cameras, firearms, collectibles, and many other goods against the jostling and vibration received during air transport.
  • Lightweight shipping cases. These cases make handling easier while reducing shipping costs. Though they don’t offer quite as much durability as ATA cases, they still feature enough strength to protect lightweight items against standard shipping and handling risks. 
  • Ramped shipping cases. Typically on wheels for easy moving, ramped shipping cases feature a custom ramp that drops down to simplify equipment loading and unloading. 
  • Workstation shipping cases. The cases form a complete workstation on the go and may include options such as drawers, bins, flat working surfaces, fold-out tables, and more. They’re fully customizable to create an ideal workstation for a mobile medical or emergency operation, portable classrooms and offices, and more. 
  • Molded shipping cases. Durable and impact-resistant, these cases withstand rough treatment, vibration, and extreme temperatures while still being easy to handle.

Trade Show Shipping Cases

Hauling products between trade shows can take its toll. Trade show shipping cases protect display items, samples, and marketing materials as they move between destinations. 

  • Flat-pack telescoping cases. Keep products flat and cushion them with foam as required. Complete with handles and wheels for easy maneuvering, flat-pack telescoping cases come in various sizes and levels of strength and durability. 
  • Round graphics cases. Posters and banners can be rolled up and protected in tube-shaped cases with straps or wheels to simplify transport. 

Custom Lightweight Shipping Case Examples

Customization has no limits. We can build a lightweight shipping case to meet your precise specifications.

  • Communication equipment cases. Protect delicate wires, microphones, and electronics with a communication equipment case. We can also design a custom case that allows system use without unpacking—simply open the case and use the equipment.
  • Testing and measuring equipment cases. These cases provide an ideal way for electricians, engineers, and other tech professionals to carry delicate metrology and testing equipment safely. 
  • Lighting cases. From film production lights to stage lighting, carefully designed cases can protect fragile lighting equipment in a professional, organized manner.
  • Tool cases. A custom case offers superior protection for tools as they get transported between job sites. Custom cases with a spot for each tool also help facilitate better tracking and inventory management.
  • Weatherproof equipment cases. For outdoor applications, these cases will protect equipment from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.
  • Sound equipment cases. These cases protect delicate sound systems and other electronic equipment from rough handling during transport between concerts or gigs. 

Custom Poly Cases from Custom Case Company

Custom Case Company has been providing custom packing/transporting solutions since 1994. We only work with custom solutions that address all of your unique case requirements. With short lead times, high-quality products, and friendly service with a personalized, small-business feel, we’ve become a go-to shop for custom cases.

Request a quote to see how our lightweight polyethylene cases or other custom case options can protect your delicate equipment.