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Custom Athletic & Sports Equipment Cases

Athletic and sport equipment cases are crucial for protecting valuable sporting goods and sports teams’ equipment during shipping and transport. Whether your team travels around town or across the county, sports equipment cases can protect equipment, uniforms, and accessories from jostling, impacts, and other environmental conditions. At Custom Case Company, we offer custom athletic and sports equipment cases that ensure important sports gear arrives at its destination without damage.

Here, we will discuss some common applications and customizations for athletic and sports equipment cases as well as how Custom Case Company can meet your specifications with a wide range of durable material options.

Custom Sport Equipment Cases

Custom Athletic & Sports Equipment Cases, applications & customizable options, & materials used

Custom sports equipment cases provide a shipping and transport solution that will last for many sports seasons, enduring daily wear from the elements and repeated use. These cases provide optimal protection and durability without adding unnecessary weight or sacrificing portability. Whether used on the field or in the locker rooms, athletic cases are suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Helmet cases
  • Uniform trunks
  • Mobile lockers
  • Athletic trainer trunks
  • Sideline cases
  • Equipment management
  • Trophy and award cases
  • And more

At Custom Case Company, we offer a range of customizations to meet your unique athletic equipment needs. Customization options include:

  • Size and shape. Whether you’re transporting bats, helmets, pads, or hockey sticks, sporting good cases can be customized to be the perfect size and shape for your equipment.
  • Foam inserts. We can create custom die-cut foam inserts to match the contours of your equipment. Foam inserts cradle sensitive items and prevent jostling, providing extra protection for items such as poppable balls and hockey pucks.
  • Custom colors. Our plastic and polycarbonate materials can be easily infused with various hues to match your team’s colors and patterns.
  • Wheels and handles. Our custom sports equipment hard cases are available with customized wheels and retractable handles for easy handling across hardwood floors, turf, and other surfaces.

Durable Materials to Fit Your Specifications

Our custom athletic and sports equipment hard cases feature protective hard exteriors and frames that withstand moisture, stains, impacts, and other environmental conditions. We also offer ATA-style cases that are tough enough to endure miles of turbulent air travel. To meet customer specifications we offer a wide range of durable materials for the interior and exterior of our cases. These include:

  • Interior materials. Vinyl, felt, velveteen, and flocked fabrics
  • Exterior materials. Metal, laminated plywood, and polyethylene

With our variety of material options, you can create the best hard-shell case for your specific athletic and sports equipment. From sensitive accessories to expensive sporting gear, Custom Case Company can deliver a custom solution to protect your valuables.

Custom Sports Cases from Custom Case Company

Athletic and sports equipment cases protect a wide range of sporting goods and accessories from the demanding conditions associated with shipping with frequent transport. At Custom Case Company, we provide custom hard-shell and ATA-style sports cases to meet your exact specifications. We offer customization options for size, shape, color, exterior materials, interior materials, and more.

To learn more about our custom athletic and sport equipment cases, contact us today or request a quote to get started.