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Custom Musical Instrument Cases

Whether traveling cross country or between local venues, it is important to keep musical instruments safe from damage due to rough handling, accidents, and other environmental factors. As instruments are often delicate and expensive, they are prone to breaking, necessitating the direction of additional resources toward costly repairs or replacements. With these considerations in mind, custom cases serve as an ideal protective solution as they minimize the risk of instruments experiencing damage.  

At Custom Case Company, we understand that each musical instrument is unique. Our expert team manufactures a wide range of custom musical instrument cases and equipment hardware bags made from the highest quality materials to suit a variety of musical equipment. By using our products, customers can ensure their instruments are well-protected in all situations.

Benefits of Custom Instrument Cases

Instrument cases protect instruments from damage. In particular, hardshell cases—light and durable openable enclosures made from metal, polymers, or wood—are designed to protect instruments from damage caused by impact, unplanned movement, and other environmental conditions. 

By employing a custom case for their instruments, musicians can tailor the protective capabilities of their case to their specific needs. The foam interior of a custom case is precisely cut to suit the shape of the particular instrument, resulting in a snug fit that minimizes the risk of damage related to sagging or gaps. Additionally, custom cases can be designed to provide protection against:

  • Collisions
  • Dust and debris
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Falls
  • Moisture
  • Shocks
  • Vibrations

Air Transport Association (ATA) cases are specially constructed to provide maximum protection during flights. They are highly durable and made to withstand rough handling, vibrations, temperature fluctuation, air pressure changes, and other aspects of air travel that can be harmful to sensitive musical instruments.

Custom Musical Instrument Case Solutions From Custom Case

At Custom Case Company, we design and manufacture custom soft-sewn musical instrument cases. Our product offerings include:

  • Band and orchestra instrument cases
  • DJ turntable cases
  • Drum cases
  • Guitar amplifier cases
  • Guitar cases
  • Keyboard cases

For these cases and bags, we offer a wide range of design and exterior accessory options to suit all of the functional and aesthetic requirements of our customers:

  • Exterior materials: ballistic nylon, Cordura®, denier canvas, felt, leather and imitation leather, PVC backed nylon, vinyl
  • Interior materials: felt, flocked fabrics, velveteen, vinyl
  • Interior storage: die cut foam, divider trays, elastic straps, pockets
  • External accessories: wheels, telescopic handles, straps and buckles, pockets, zippers, hooks and loops, metal edging

We are also capable of incorporating silk screened or embroidered designs to the exterior of a custom case in a wide assortment of colors and designs to add a personalized touch or branding.

Partnering With Custom Case Company for Quality Custom Cases

Founded in 1994, Custom Case Company is an experienced manufacturer of high-quality customized cases. Our expert team is capable of producing highly specialized cases in a wide range of designs to meet some of the most complex needs. By partnering with us for their custom case needs, customers benefit from our:

  • Broad selection of customization options
  • Flexible production capabilities
  • Short lead times with rush delivery options

For more information on our custom case solutions, contact us or request a quote today.

Custom Musical Instrument Cases