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Custom Cloth Face Masks

Custom Case Company has created all forms of custom cases for our clients since 1994. Like so many other small manufacturers, COVID-19 changed our world. It also opened our eyes to the needs that couldn’t be filled fast enough.

Our company knew that it was essential to help not only our employees but also everyone in the fight against the pandemic. We have always prided ourselves on our company’s flexibility and versatility in providing exactly what our customers need and changing direction swiftly. That’s when we decided to switch our focus to manufacture reusable masks for coronavirus. 

COVID-19 & The Effort to Stop the Spread

The Centers for Disease Control has recommended face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While manufacturers and suppliers are being asked to reserve N95 masks for first responders and medical professionals, the public is being warned that they must wear a reusable mask or washable face mask to slow the dissemination of virus-carrying particles in the air.

In July 2020, the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Nurses Association issued an open letter to the American public urging us to wear masks, maintain physical distancing, and wash our hands frequently to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Why Use Cloth Masks

Comply With CDC Recommendations

The American Medical Association recommends, and the CDC affirms, that the use of cloth face coverings is vital in reducing the spread of COVID-19, particularly when used consistently within communities. The CDC also published the results of a joint case study that offers evidence of the efficacy of face masks when worn by both people exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and non-infected people.

Protect Public Health

Mayo Clinic echoes the sentiments of the medical community in that a cloth face covering as a reusable face mask can reduce the spread of COVID-19. Further proof is seen by the countries that enforced the wearing of face masks, testing, isolation, and social distancing early in the days of the pandemic and slowed the spread of the virus.

Encourage Heightened Caution

Face masks are an additional level of caution along with social distancing. While distancing is intended to keep people outside of the contamination zone from a cough or sneeze, cloth face masks have been shown to catch a significant amount of droplets that could contain the virus. 

Reduce Waste

Cloth masks are also reusable and machine-washable, making them a zero-waste alternative to surgical or N95 masks..

Mask Best Practices

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when wearing masks:

  • Wash hands before putting your mask on and immediately upon removal.
  • Cover both the mouth and nose.
  • Make sure the mask fits snugly by ear loops or tying behind the head.
  • Keep hands off the mask while you are wearing it.
  • Don’t forget that the mask is not a replacement for social distancing but should be in addition to distancing.

Get Your Cloth Masks From Custom Case Company

Custom Case Company has leveraged our long history of customer focus and our manufacturing versatility to respond to the need for personal protection and quickly produced face masks for the public. Contact us today to find out more about our cloth face masks.