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Custom Hard Shipping Case

Shipping cases come in a variety of different forms and may be constructed from a variety of different materials. In reference to hard shipping cases, the focus should be on providing protection and security to sensitive equipment during transport or storage. 

Sensitive equipment usually includes high-tech equipment and delicate instruments easily damaged by:

  • Falls
  • Collisions
  • Shocks
  • Vibrations
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Dust
  • Moisture

Hard cases are used in a variety of industries for a broad range of applications, such as marketing, OEMs, museums, tradeshows, lighting, electronics, architecture, engineering, and many others. 

Custom Case Company’s Shipping Case Product Offerings

Lightweight plywood laminated with a polyethylene outer shell makes up the exterior construction of Custom Case Company’s hard shipping cases. This construction provides a solid outer shell to protect delicate or sensitive items within the case. 

A variety of materials and components are available for use in custom interiors, including: 

  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Felt-flocked fabrics
  • Velveteen
  • Foam
  • Dividers of various types
  • Plywood trays

Foam Inserts for Hard Shell Cases

Foam inserts provide cases with superior shock resistance, ensuring that drops or impacts won’t damage the items contained within. The item nestles into a foam insert of varying density and thickness that has been carefully contoured to fit the shape of the protected object. Some common items and equipment that use hard shell cases with foam inserts include: 

  • Electric hand tools
  • Musical instruments
  • Gaming equipment
  • Scientific tools
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Faucet fixtures
  • Engineering and architectural instruments

Types of Hard Shipping Cases

At Custom Case Company, our product line includes a broad range of hard shipping case types, each with specific applications in mind. Each type of case can be customized with a variety of options and features.

Heavy Duty Shipping Cases

Heavy-duty cases are reinforced to absorb frequent impacts while resisting dents, corrosion, shocks, and shattering. They provide security and protection for frequently transported objects, which see regular jarring. 

Wheeled Shipping Cases

Wheeled cases help to address the challenge of maneuverability for bulky or heavy equipment or tools. They often come with telescoping handles or various types of wheel or caster options to overcome weight and bulk issues. Rolling cases are a good fit for instances where the cases must be frequently moved by hand over distances where carrying heavy cases is impractical. 

Hard Plastic Shipping Cases

Hard plastic shipping cases provide high-level protection while offsetting weight challenges. Plastic offers lightweight protection to avoid adding unnecessary weight to heavier equipment and instruments. These cases come with various forms of molded interiors which can be contoured to fit specific objects. 

Lightweight Shipping Cases

Lightweight case construction typically includes plastic cases, but other materials like polyester and polyethylene shelled foam are available as well. The main objective of these shipping cases is to overcome weight challenges. 

Trade Show and Display Shipping Cases

Custom case design is quite common with trade show and display shipping cases. The protected items included in these cases tend to be specialized and unique. These cases are designed specifically to resist frequent jarring from transport. They tend to include compartmentalized interiors, wheels, handles, and a wide variety of custom interior and exterior features. 

Shipping Cases for Computers

Computer components can easily be knocked loose from vibration or impact if not carefully protected, so computer shipping cases are designed to protect computers against jarring. These cases come lined with thick, shock-resistant foam. Preventing moisture, dust, extreme temperature, and other environmental damages are important features as well.  

Military Shipping Cases

Designed for carrying sensitive equipment through rugged environments, military shipping cases are often made from aluminum, fiberglass, polyethylene, and engineered honeycomb panels. These cases also prevent damage from moisture, debris, temperature extremes, salt spray resistance, jarring, and other environmental factors common to military operations.

Custom Case Company’s Shipping Case Service Offerings

Our hard shipping cases allow for a variety of custom design options and services designed to suit the diverse needs of our customers. Customization and service options come in three classifications. 

Interior Options

The interior of a hard shipping case should be carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of the intended application. Common interior customized choices include various types of die cut foam inserts, divider trays, elastic straps for securing items, and pockets. 

Exterior Options

Functionality, weight, and frequency of transport rank among the top factors to consider when selecting an exterior case design. Available exterior options for customization include:

  • Wheels
  • Telescoping handles
  • Straps
  • Pockets
  • Zippers
  • Hook and loop closures
  • Buckles
  • Protective metal edging 

Special Service Options

At Custom Case Company, we offer additional value-added services for our hard shipping cases, including: 

  • Silk screening
  • Assembly
  • Kitting
  • Drop shipping
  • Blind shipping

Maintaining your equipment and delicate instruments in proper working order includes protecting them during transportation and storage. A custom hard shipping case from Custom Case Company will protect high-value, high-performance instruments from a wide variety of damaging environmental factors, extend the longevity of your items, and lower the costs of maintenance over the life of your equipment. 

Contact us or request a quote for more information about custom hard shipping cases from Custom Case Company.

Custom Hard Shipping Case