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Custom Carrying Case

Custom Carrying Case Overview

At Custom Case, we source one-of-a-kind carrying solutions to provide perfectly secure, durable, and stable transportation containers. These specially designed cases go through an extensive engineering process to match our customers’ unique specifications and needs.

All our custom cases include the following elements:

  • Die-cut polyethylene and polyurethane foam interiors
  • Molded foam inserts
  • Panel-mount flanges

Combined, these elements make it easier, safer, and more comfortable to carry items of any size or shape. The following guide explains in greater detail what types of cases we offer.

Plastic Carrying Cases

Our plastic carrying cases include protective outer shells and softer internal components for organization and cushioning. We can procure both standard and customized plastic carrying cases that can meet any of your carrying needs. 

Some of our most popular plastic cases include:

Blow-Molded Cases

Blow molding is a production process that creates a seamless shell to protect sensitive equipment. The thermoplastic material is tough and can withstand exposure to water and other elements without damage. Another advantage to blow-molded cases is their resistance to chemicals and cold environments; they’re also generally flame-retardant and provide electrical insulation.

Custom Thermoformed Cases

During thermoforming, plastic sheets are heated to form new shapes. This method makes the plastic extremely pliable, which is why we use thermoforming to build cases that fit around uniquely shaped products that require extra security and cushioning. Custom thermoformed cases help save space during stacking and transporting and adhere to tight tolerances.

Heavy-Duty Watertight Cases

Our watertight resin cases protect against contamination and moisture. The material is virtually unbreakable and a popular choice for military and special ops applications. It resists chemical damage and corrosion. 

Soft-Sided Cases

For selling, marketing, and professional display applications, we offer soft-sided cases. These cases can be built using canvas, vinyl, and other pliable materials to create a sleek look that’s also highly functional. We design cases with straps, precise dimensions, and various other customizable elements.

Custom Examples

Carrying cases are essential to every business. From meeting with clients to delivering orders, a custom case will help you navigate any environment with confidence. 

Some of our most popular custom cases include the following:

Sample Cases

Sample cases need to make a strong first impression. Custom sample cases ensure products are transported safely, no matter the weather or environment. We can also provide you with complex presentation and sample cases that beautifully display your products using foam or plastic inserts. 

Anti-Static Cases

Sensitive electronic goods, as well as glass products that need a crystal-clear display, are vulnerable to static buildup as they move from place to place. Our anti-static cases protect against electrostatic discharge. Our plastic and foam carrying cases also create a barrier against fuzz and dirt that can be affected by static cling.

Testing/Measuring Equipment Cases

Electricians, engineers, and other technical professionals need secure carrying cases they can rely on. Our test equipment cases protect devices and tools from physical damage and mechanical wear. Features include padded carrying compartments, straps and bands for precise organization, and an ergonomic carrying design.

Electronics Equipment Cases

Our custom carrying cases protect expensive electronic equipment from daily wear and tear. These cases have hard outer shells to deflect and absorb physical impact.

Optics Cases

Optical equipment is sensitive, and our cases are built to protect them as they move from site to site. Our molded foam inserts carefully cradle lenses, optical tools, and specialty equipment without introducing dust or static cling. You can also brand the case exterior to make the product look more professional and appealing.

Medical Instruments

Medical carrying cases need to comply with strict standards to transport medical equipment and goods safely. We can provide you with cases built to withstand physical, chemical, and environmental damage, and we offer optional high-quality locks. 

Camera Equipment

Much like our electronics equipment cases, these carrying cases are built to protect camera equipment from wear and tear, physical damage, and more. Our precise foam inserts can hold cameras and flashes so there’s no risk of jostling.

Common Carrying Case Customizations

We offer these customization elements for each of our carrying case designs:

  • Various case sizes
  • Custom foam inserts
  • Forklift skids
  • Latches
  • Logos
  • Name plates
  • Padded dividers
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Wheels and casters

Custom Carrying Cases by Custom Case Company

For over 25 years, our company has been designing, producing, and sourcing high-quality custom cases. We routinely provide cases for a broad range of specialized tasks and equipment. Locally, our customers prefer us because of our wide array of customizable options, short lead times, expedited shipping, and extensive production capabilities. Learn more about your options or request a quote to start your order. 

Custom Carrying Case