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Custom Foam Inserts and Cases

For most companies the purchase of sensitive equipment represents a significant investment requiring careful and precise handling. For equipment of this nature to function as designed, it is necessary to stabilize it during transport and storage. Adequate stability supports the mass of the equipment while providing a cushion against jarring and impact.

Custom Case Company supplies custom foam cases and case inserts capable of supporting and protecting various types of equipment, such as:

  • Medical instruments
  • Military equipment
  • Aerospace components
  • Specialized tools
  • Delicate/fragile items and equipment
  • Highly sensitive electronics

Custom Case Company can provide the right amount of support and protection for any item you wish to stabilize during transport.

Die Cut Foam Inserts Tailored to Your Needs

Case foams can be divided into base foams and lid foams. Base foam encapsulates the protected item in the base of the case while the lid f

oam closes over the item to secure it in place when you close the lid.

We gather precise dimensions of the item from drawings, CAD files, or the actual equipment to determine the size and shape of the item, as well as its mass. From this information, Custom Case Company uses waterjet or CNC die cutting to form a foam base using carefully selected foam materials that will appropriately cradle the item within the transport case.

There are three main types of foam used as base foam, each best suited for different applications.

  • Ester (polyurethane) foam. This foam is best suited for delicate or fragile items that might break or damage easily due to modest impact. This foam is ideal for irregularly shaped items, such as cameras.
  • PE (polyethylene) foam. PE is the most common type of base foam, which means it is used in the widest range of applications. It is best suited for supporting heavier items that tolerate a modest amount of jarring and impact.
  • Velour Foam. This foam has a refined finish, making it ideal for display cases. It supports heavier items due to its high density, but is easily pitted and scared when handled frequently.

We use solid foam lines inside of case lids to provide additional support and protection. This foam is useful for supporting items that fit flush with the top of the base foam.

Foam Inserts for Every Type of Case

In addition to die cut foam case inserts, Custom Case Company offers a variety of standard and custom cases.

ATA Cases

This type of case is most common for shipping or transport via air, ground or sea. ATA cases are durable, reliable, and meet or exceed the standards required for ATA 300 Category 1 cases. Common uses of ATA cases include the transport of road show items, musical instruments, electronic equipment, military equipment, computers, and more.

Roto-molded Cases

Formed by a rotational molding process—melting plastic inside of a rotating hot mold—roto-molded cases are lightweight with thick plastic corners, providing a rugged and durable option for transporting heavy items. Roto-molded cases also conform to ATA 300 Category 1 specifications, as well as 810F Mil-Spec and 810G Mil-Spec. While Custom Case Company doesn’t produce roto-molded cases at our own facility, we can source them for customers when needed and fully customize the inside of the case.

Blow-Molded Cases

Similar to glass blowing, blow-molded cases are formed by pouring molten resin into a parison, which is inserted into a mold and inflated until it conforms to the shape of the mold. This process can be used to form hardened plastic shapes in the interior of the case. A common example of this can be seen in power tool cases.

Polyethylene Cases

These lightweight and affordable cases are formed from high-density polyethylene plastic. They do not provide the high level of protection of typical ATA cases, making them more common for applications such as briefcases or portfolio cases, transporting graphics and artwork, carrying lightweight computer equipment, or protecting smaller musical instruments.

When you make an investment in sensitive or delicate equipment, you must also maintain that investment by providing proper protection while it is in transit from one site to another. Custom Case Company provides the best available custom cases and case insert solutions to support and protect your items and equipment against damage from jarring or impact during transport or storage.

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Custom Foam Inserts and Cases