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Custom ATA Shipping Cases

Custom Case

Traveling with fragile equipment can be risky. Even if cargo isn’t mishandled, the contents endure constant vibrations and occasional jostling, either of which can damage instruments. Commonly used by musicians, film crews, and military personnel, Air Transport Association (ATA) cases are designed to protect the most sensitive equipment during transport.

ATA cases are typically constructed from aluminum, plastic, or laminated plywood and outfitted with sturdy aluminum hardware. Complete with a custom-molded foam interior, they protect instruments against impact, vibration, and shock, ensuring the contents survive even rough handling.

No matter how specialized your needs are, our extensive range of customization options allow us to protect even one-of-a-kind products from transportation-related damage.

Kinds of ATA Shipping Cases

Although ATA cases share a common purpose, they take many different forms depending on the specific application, including:

  • Molded shipping cases. Crafted from durable, shock-resistant plastic, molded shipping cases strike a balance between portability and protection.
  • Aluminum shipping cases. Lightweight, rugged, and extremely durable, aluminum shipping cases are an excellent choice for frequent travelers.
  • Lightweight shipping cases. Where weight is a concern, specialized lightweight shipping cases can provide a high standard of protection without the added bulk of plywood materials.
  • Ramped shipping cases. Designed for transporting heavy instruments and equipment, ramped shipping cases have a built-in fold-out ramp to facilitate loading and unloading.
  • Workstation shipping cases. Workstation shipping cases fold out in a ready-to-use setup, making them ideal for repair stations or field offices.
  • Shipping truck with wheels. Featuring a secure locking mechanism and durable wheels, wheeled shipping trunks provide a safe storage space for belongings while being easy to
  • transport.
  • Hard case shipping containers. Strong, durable, and reusable, hard case shipping containers are highly effective and efficient shipping solutions. Many have removable casters or forklift provisions that facilitate handling.
  • Custom ATA shipping cases. Whatever your shipping needs, the professionals at Custom Case Company will help you develop a customized, protective ATA case that keeps your equipment in top working order through transport, drops, bumps, impacts, and more. Options are available for custom sizes, materials, fittings, and interior configurations, and we can help you determine the best choices for your application.

Benefits of Custom ATA Cases & ATA Trunks

Custom ATA cases offer maximum design flexibility, allowing you to select exactly the design features you need. Custom ATA cases can provide you with:

  • Labeling and branding options, such as screen-printed logos
  • Mobility options ranging from turf tires to casters or skidmates
  • Foam inserts that conform exactly to your product shape and dimensions
  • Heavy-duty to light-duty ball corners for a flush, clean-looking installation

Custom ATA Case Applications

Custom ATA cases are infinitely configurable to protect all manner of fragile cargo. Common applications include:

  • Medical equipment shipping cases. Shipping medical equipment can be challenging, especially when working with specialty imaging or diagnostic equipment. Damage sustained in travel is not only expensive but potentially harmful to patient safety if it goes unnoticed. Custom medical device ATA shipping cases minimize the risk involved in transporting delicate medical machinery, encasing sensitive tools in custom-formed, shock-absorbing foam. Workstation options are also available for shipping fully-equipped disaster relief stations.
  • Trade show shipping cases. Trade show vendors invest thousands in displays, marketing materials, and wares, any of which can become damaged during a rocky flight. Trade show ATA cases are lightweight and portable yet sturdy, facilitating the protection of an entire trade show setup without hampering mobility. These containers are available in a variety of sizes, including mobile options that can be checked on commercial aircraft, and feature custom inserts to protect lights, displays, products, and similar trade show necessities.
  • Military specification cases. ATA-rated transportation cases are invaluable for transporting sensitive military equipment, including weaponry that can’t be flown in conventional containers. Military entities and defense contractors use ATA cases for optical equipment, medical kits, UAV drones, firearms, ammunition, and other tools. As such, these cases are employed by all branches of the U.S. Military, with protective coatings ensuring longevity whether stored on a ship or in a desert.
  • Musical instrument cases. Touring bands and musicians have trusted ATA trunks for decades to protect equipment in between venues. Most instruments are fragile and vulnerable to moisture, dust, and temperature fluctuations, all of which can alter the sound produced by the instrument. Professional musicians often travel with valuable or irreplaceable instruments, making protective cases a top priority. ATA musical instrument cases safeguard instruments of all sizes against shocks, vibrations, and environmental exposure, ensuring safe transit by train, bus, or plane.
  • Audio visual cases. Soundboards, microphones, and other A/V equipment are subject to many of the same concerns as musical instruments. ATA cases for audio-visual professionals are lightweight yet resilient. They are designed to protect expensive electronic components by sealing out dust and moisture.
  • Model and exhibit cases. Models built for trade shows, educational installations, and similar settings are both fragile and difficult to replace. Hard-shell ATA cases for models and exhibits ensure that no harm comes to custom models in transit, supporting loose components with die-cut foam and a reinforced casing. Custom branding options give these cases a professional appearance, meaning they can be incorporated into exhibits themselves where space is a concern.

Why Choose Custom Case for ATA Shipping Cases?

Custom Case Company has been crafting specialty ATA cases since 1994. To learn more about our flexible production capabilities and extensive customization options, contact us or request a quote today.