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Industries Served by Custom Case Company

When you are shopping for high-quality custom cases, turn to the Custom Case Company –
we have everything you need. We have been providing custom cases for our clients since 1994, so you can trust us to build cases for virtually anything that you can imagine, from custom military cases to industrial shipping cases and more.

Our highly skilled staff has years of experience, which means we provide quality custom-made cases with short lead times. Our experienced design team will carefully detail the requirements and dimensions of the case you need, and will deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. Our staff also ensures that all urgent requests are shipped rapidly.

If you aren’t ready to replace your existing items, we can repair, reinforce, or refasten any case that you want overhauled. We are proud to offer our clients the versatility you need at a price you can afford.
We are committed to providing you with the best quality products, no matter the shape or size of case you need. Continue reading for more details.

Industries That Use Custom Cases

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Some of the major industries that utilize our custom cases are detailed below.

Medical Industry
The pharmaceutical and medical sectors prefer custom cases that meet demanding functional needs combined with a pleasant aesthetic. More importantly, this industry requires that its equipment stay safe every time. Medical cases offer an ideal packaging solution that enables the safe shipping of valuable drugs, tissue, and blood. Custom cases also ensure that medical devices are specially organized and provide extra protection for the most fragile items.
Lighting Industry
Most lighting fixtures are delicate and require careful handling. You can use our industrial shipping cases to transport different lighting components, from small LED lights to overhead street lamps and lighting equipment for concert venues, theaters, and more.
Exhibition Industry
We produce some of the best custom cases to display your products in exhibitions. There are several case designs that you can use to store and transport arts, kits, and models used in trade shows and exhibits.
Air Freight Industry
While shipping items via air, custom cases play a significant part in ensuring your delicate items reach their destination safely. We custom-make industrial shipping cases that meet Air Transport Association or ATA standards, so you can use them across all airlines.
Servicemen and women also need soft and hard custom military cases for various applications while performing their jobs. From rack-mount server cases to transport cases, we offer a custom selection of items that contribute to the solutions for the U.S. Defense Department.
Athletics Industry
Custom cases offer sports accessories, equipment, and uniforms protection from any possible impacts, jostling, or other environmental conditions. Whether you travel a short distance across town or all the way to other countries, you can use custom athletic and sports equipment cases from Custom Case Company so that your vital sports gear arrives at your destination without any damages.

Benefits of Custom Industrial Cases

Below are several advantages of using custom cases over standard containers or regular cases:

  • Accessories: Unlike regular cases, customizing cases takes them to a whole new level. The additional custom foam interior, wheels, and handles transform your custom case to suit your needs.
  • Scale: Whatever you want to store or transport, our team can customize cases to fit your needs. We also consider the materials we use, so if you want a shock or water-resistant case, we will custom make it for you.
  • Custom Colors: In case you want a custom industrial case with colors similar to your logo or patterns, we use materials that can be easily infused with different hues to get the desired result.
  • Foam Inserts: If you wish to have form inserts in your case, we can create perfect inserts that match the contours of your item to provide extra protection for sensitive items.

Custom Case Company Solutions

You no longer need to use standard containers to pack your delicate belongings. Custom Case Company designs custom-made cases for any items you want to put inside. These cases have the perfect weight and size you need because they are custom-made for whatever you’re carrying. Contact Custom Case Company today or request a quotation for your next custom case.