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Lighting Cases For Equipment Custom Made

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Lighting equipment is extremely versatile and valuable, but can be quite fragile. Anything from shifting around in cargo holds to a sharp bump on a rough road can damage your sensitive equipment. Therefore it is very important to properly protect your equipment. Lighting equipment cases from Custom Case Company provide a double layer of protection for your valuable lighting equipment with a hard exterior and soft foam interior. Our cases not only protect from physical damage, but they also feature luggage locks to ensure your equipment is safe from theft.At Custom Case, we protect your sensitive lighting equipment with innovative case solutions that offer optimal protection with appealing exteriors. Our cases deliver proven protection for every type of lighting fixture, from small residential LED lights to large outdoor overhead lamps. We offer pockets for wire and fixture hardware, along with custom embroidery for a professional and unique appearance. Custom Case Company can design a custom case that suits your needs and expectations for almost any lighting application.

Benefits of Lighting Cases Custom Made

Protecting your equipment is essential to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently with minimal downtime. It is our goal at Custom Case Company to provide our customers with the highest level of protection to prevent costly damage to important lighting components. Lighting equipment cases protect against a wide variety of damage, including:

  • Debris and Dust: Light fixtures without a proper cover can become dirty during transportation and storage. Dirt that has accumulated on a light fixture dulls the light dispersed. Cases by Custom Case protect lighting equipment from dust, debris, and dirt during storage and transportation.
  • Falls: Lighting equipment is fragile and may break from a fall. At Custom Case, we use foam inserts housed in a hardshell case to prevent damage in the event of a fall.
  • Shocks: Occasional bumps during transportation can damage equipment. Our foam inserts are shock absorbing, providing optimal protection inside the case.
  • Vibrations: The sensitive geometry of lighting device structures can be altered due to vibrations, changing the lighting device characteristics during operation. Custom Case protects your lighting equipment from harmful vibrations.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Even with proper handling, lighting equipment is at risk of sustaining damage during transportation and handling, so it is of the utmost importance to select the right lighting case. At Custom Case, we create custom-made cases for a wide range of lighting fixtures. Our cases protect the following light fixtures and equipment from handling and transportation damage:

  • Area Light Fixtures: A solution that illuminates walkways to provide safety and security indoors and outdoors with a wide range of heights for a greater area of light.
  • Floodlight Fixtures: Floodlights spread light in large areas to enhance landscaping visibility at night and provide security.
  • High Bay Fixtures: Industrial lighting fixtures that takes advantage of high lumens and reflectors for installations 20 feet and above.
  • LED-Wall Packs: Adjustable lighting for industrial spaces with spill control ideal for outdoor lighting.
  • Linear Strip Lights: A sleek lighting solution with a small footprint for commercial retail settings.
  • Low Bay Fixtures: These distribute light at a close range for ceilings in commercial and warehouse settings with heights lower than 20 feet.
  • Recessed Troffer Lights: An industrial lighting solution that can be chain-hung, pendant, or surface mounted.
  • Shop Lights: A lighting solution that is suitable for a variety of industrial, workstation, and shop applications with chain or ceiling mount options.
  • Streetlights: Used to light parking lots, walkways, and industrial spaces with excellent performance in poor weather conditions.
  • Task Lights and Lamps: A focused and cost-effective lighting solution with a range of adjustments and high flexibility.

Lighting Cases From Custom Case Company

Storing, handling, and transporting lighting equipment may result in damage to their fragile components. Lighting equipment cases protect the sensitive equipment from everything from falls to debris. At Custom Case, our hardshell cases with custom foam inserts ensure the safety of your equipment. We can also equip our sleek and stylish cases with locks for security and personalized embroidery.

Contact us to learn more about our case designing capabilities or request a quote today.