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Custom Hard Shell Cases

Safe transportation of sensitive equipment frequently requires a hard case. Hard-shell cases are built from metal, wood, sturdy polymers, or combinations thereof to protect their contents from impacts, jostling, and environmental effects. Cases can also be designed with custom foam inserts that provide an extra layer of insulation for delicate items.

But cases that have the right combination of durability, maneuverability, and accommodation aren’t always easy to find. These cases must be specially designed to handle a wide variety of environments, from warehouses to truck trailers to the construction sites, movie shoots, concert venues, and other places that require the equipment they contain.

Custom Case Company designs a full range of hard-shell cases for personal and commercial transportation purposes. Our cases are often equipped with four wheels for easier handling. An attached handle simplifies these cases’ transportation, even when one person has to move many at the same time. Additionally, new developments in polymer technology have allowed us to make modern hard-shell baggage lighter and stronger than ever before.


Custom Hard Shell & ATA Cases to Fit Your Specifications

Travelling professionals need to be assured that their equipment will arrive in the same amount of pieces as in which it’s shipped. A lost or damaged piece of luggage could compromise their ability to earn a living.

A custom hard-shell case from Custom Case Company eliminates many of the dangers that could befall important gear. We use a variety of materials and design elements to give our customers more options:

  • ATA-style cases conform to general airline standards for shipping containers. These hard-shell shipping cases are tough enough to endure miles of turbulent travel without risking the safety of stored items.
  • Salespeople, speakers, and others who rely on visual aids enjoy the sturdiness of our lightweight telescoping cases. These devices keep posters, panels, and other large display items clean and free of damage.
  • Tube cases are an effective way to transport posters and displays.


Trunk Style with Dividers

Trunk-style hard shell case with dividers


We build cases from a variety of materials and can incorporate a number of different features:

  • Metal, wood, or polymer outer shells
  • Vinyl, felt, velveteen, or flocked fabric interiors
  • Wheels, telescoping handles, and other options to ease transport
  • Pockets, zippers, buckles, and straps

Work with our design team to create the perfect hard-shell case for your tools.


Foam Inserts for Hard Shell Cases

Some delicate items need more than just outer protection. A hard-shell case with foam inserts creates a secure transportation method that supports intricate and fragile items and prevents damage caused by shock.


Custom Built Foam Hard Briefcase for Lighting Industry

Custom Built Foam Briefcase for Lighting Industry


We make die-cut foam inserts specifically for your items. This reduces the chance of sags and gaps that can counteract the cushion effect and leave items vulnerable. Foam inserts are the ideal way to transport such items as:

  • Electric hand tools
  • Musical instruments
  • Gaming equipment
  • Scientific tools

Regardless of the size, shape, and purpose of transported items, Custom Case Company can create the perfect foam insert to shield it from damage during transport.


Hard Shell is an Easy Sell

Our team at Custom Case Company can assist customers in developing a custom hard case that fits their needs as well as their budget. We offer a variety of cases, including ATA style cases, lightweight telescoping cases, wood cases, and tube shaped cases, that provide a high degree of protection at multiple price points. ATA style cases provide the highest level of protection and are constructed of 0.25″, 0.375″, or 0.5″plywood laminated with plastic for moisture resistance. Recessed latches and handles allow for level stacking and are secured with pop rivets reinforced with back-up washers. In addition aluminum angle reinforces container edges for added strength. Tops are either secured with a piano hinge that runs the entire length of the case or with multiple latches when a lift off lid is preferred.

Wood cases are a more cost effective alternative to our ATA style line of cases. Telescoping handles, wheels, and recessed hardware are just a few of the available options on this versatile line. Lightweight telescoping style cases and tube shaped cases are constructed of strong 0.080″ thick polyethylene. The top is secured by webbing wrapped around the circumference of the container.

The interior of all cases can be completely customized to suit the case contents. Die cut foam and felt lined trays provide cushioning and protection of delicate objects. Our hard cases are used by a multitude of industries including museums and manufactures to store and transport a variety of items from sculptures to light fixtures.

With our variety of materials and options, our clients can create the ideal hard-shell shipping case for their product. From sensitive chemicals to high-value jewelry, let Custom Case Company help you protect your valuables.

For more information about our custom hard cases, see the table below, or contact us directly about our full range of customization options.


Hard Case Specifications

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Wood Cases
Tube Cases
Reusable Transportation Cases
Instrument Storage
Portable Displays
Sales & Marketing Kits
Museum Exhibit Storage & Transport
Exterior Materials
Laminated Plywood
Interior Materials
Flocked Fabrics
Interior Storage Options
Die Cut Foam
Divider Trays
Elastic Straps
Exterior Options
Telescoping Handles
Hook & Loop Closures
Metal Edging
Decorative & Branding Options
Silk Screening
Additional Services
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Custom Hard Shell Cases