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How To Choose the Right Custom Foam Case Inserts Manufacturer

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The first step to selecting a suitable custom foam case inserts manufacturer for your application is identifying your requirements. You need high-quality case inserts that meet your packing requirements and criteria. Hence, finding a manufacturing partner with the experience, professionalism, and capability to follow your specifications and meet your expectations is crucial.

How Does a Custom Foam Case Inserts Work?

A product can sustain damage without its packaging being harmed. For example, electronics can vibrate against the internal walls of their cases or slam into other contents during handling, shipping, or storage.

Custom foam case inserts prevent this from happening and eliminate the risk of damage when transporting or storing delicate or expensive objects. They can make your products and cases properly spaced, stable, and protected.

Depending on your needs and packing requirements, the foam may be a single piece or numerous layers. A tight fit will stop products from moving, even if the case is dropped or collides with other parcels during transport. Thus, a durable custom case with foam inserts is the best protection for electronics, firearms, machinery, musical instruments, and other delicate products.

Top Considerations in Hiring a Custom Foam Case Inserts Manufacturer

Choosing the right custom case manufacturer is essential to guarantee a finished product that is well-crafted, durable, and produced according to your demands. Here are some of the basic requirements you should look out for:


While the pricing of foreign custom case manufacturers may be lower upfront, you are likely to encounter exorbitant shipping fees. Moreover, you have to wait longer for your custom foam cases to arrive, delaying production and delivery schedules.

Choosing a custom case maker based in the US can guarantee quick and inexpensive delivery. Doing so also lets you check the quality of orders and ensure they meet your expectations.

Processing Time

Turnaround estimates vary amongst foam case manufacturers. Inquire in advance about the anticipated length of the procedure. Can they finish the job on time for your application? Setting realistic expectations with your manufacturer is also important, as it will give you time to request modifications or improvements if necessary.

Manufacturing Capabilities

To ensure that you get the full value of your investment, choose a custom case foam inserts manufacturer capable of the following services:

  • Consultation and packaging strategy
  • Structural engineering and design
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping
  • Hassle-free logistics

Check if they can work with foam, metal, plastics, and other materials you may require. Moreover, you must partner with a company capable of short-run and high-volume productions to help you streamline your production processes and operations.

Custom Packaging Solutions From Custom Case Company

Whether you are focusing on performance, cost, durability, or aesthetics, Custom Case Company can deliver tailored soft-sewn bags, hard-carrying cases, and custom case inserts to match your needs! You only need to let us know your specifications, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our design team works quickly to produce a premium, specially manufactured case that will be distinctive to any business. We also provide one-on-one assistance — from initial design to manufacturing — with a committed product specialist to help you get the exact requirement for your application.

Contact us for inquiries or request a quote to start working with Custom Case Company today!

Why Case Foam Inserts Are Essential To Protect Your Equipment

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Keeping equipment safe is one of the top concerns you have when traveling. Not only is your gear susceptible to getting lost along the way, but it can also easily sustain damage during the trip. If you want to prevent this from happening, carrying a bag or case with proper protection is essential. To this end, using case foam inserts is one of the best decisions you can make.

What Are Case Foam Inserts?

Case foam inserts do a fantastic job of protecting your sensitive tools. They act as shock buffers that absorb and dissipate the force from an impact. These baggage additions also protect your equipment from scuffs because they hug your items from every side, preventing your gear from shifting inside the case.

Additionally, case foam inserts are great for organizing and providing a clean and professional presentation for your equipment. Using computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining, smooth and precise cuts with the exact measurements of your equipment are made on the foam insert. This process affords each piece of your gear to have its own space, essentially creating several tailor-made compartments inside a single case.

Different Types of Case Foam Inserts

Choosing suitable case foam inserts is vital. The first of three options you have is polyethylene foam. Polyethylene foams are durable and lightweight; they are non-abrasive and non-dusting and have excellent shock absorption. They are also great for vibration dampening and are a good choice for packaging larger equipment.

The next option is cross-linked polyethylene foam. This type is considered the highest quality, incredibly durable, and visually appealing. It can protect class-A surfaces and is perfect for loading medical devices.

For lightweight objects, polyurethane foams are a great choice. This case foam insert provides excellent cushioning, which is ideal for handling delicate equipment. In addition, this foam can be easily molded and cut to serve various applications.

Why Is Using Case Foam Inserts Important?

Case foam inserts provide excellent protection by keeping your equipment stable inside a bag or case when traveling. Since these snuggly fit your gear, you don’t have to worry about breaking anything. They also protect items from vibration, which can loosen parts of your equipment.

Case foam inserts are also great for presentation. If you plan to present new equipment or products to clients or investors, these additions will ensure that every part of your item is kept in tip-top shape. The meticulously designed cuts will also exude professionalism and convey that you are capable of careful and precise equipment handling.

Lastly, case foam inserts help you organize equipment parts when packing. Moreover, all the components of your gear go to designated slots, making it obvious when something is missing and ensuring that nothing is left behind. Using case foam inserts helps you know where everything is and where everything goes when it’s time to wrap up.

Choose Custom Case Company For Your Business Or Personal Quality Cases

Here at Custom Case Company, we create high-quality and custom soft-sewn bags or hard-carrying cases with foam case inserts. Our tailored cases have proven helpful for instrument storage, sports equipment, medical devices, computers and electronics, lighting equipment, and many other applications. So whether you need a padded bag, a hard shipping case, or a die-cut foam insert, we’ll make it!

Custom Case Company’s versatility and attention to quality will provide you with a custom-made case unique to your requirements. Contact us for your every custom case needs, or request a quote today!

Traveling With Your Custom Case

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Whether it’s that trip abroad that you’ve always dreamed of, a business trip overseas, or just a chance to take some time off and enjoy a holiday with your friends and family – traveling makes up some of the most memorable and significant experiences of our life. But memories can quickly turn sour if we are not adequately equipped with certain travel essentials to make the journey hassle-free. And what’s a travel essential we can’t turn a blind eye to? A case to hold our equipment, personal belongings, and fragile valuables.

Transporting your delicate equipment can be challenging and nerve-wracking, and with so many choices on the market today, deciding the best case to use for your travels can quickly overwhelm you. This article explores good-to-know information about what is allowed and recommended for the perfect travel case.

How To Travel With Your Custom Case

While the ATA Spec 300 for ATA custom cases provides guidelines in fulfilling and safeguarding your unique traveling needs, here are more tips to keep your valuables secured from boarding until landing:

Use Carry-on Cases

Different airlines have varying standards for carry-on cases, including the case’s design, handles, pockets, wheels, and size. Still, it is compact enough to fit in the plane’s overhead compartments or under the seats. Although some airlines may charge passengers a fee for bringing carry-on cases, they are ideal for your essential personal things, such as travel documents, passports, money cards, medications, important devices, and personal care items.

Get Customs Clearance

Countries also have varying restrictions on what you wish to bring with you on your travels. Customs clearance is securing authorization from relevant government agencies to get or import an item into the country. For safety reasons, travelers must obtain customs clearance for belongings, particularly with things, like medications and certain types of food. This may also be based on the quantity or volume of the item you’re traveling with.

Get Insured

Numerous unanticipated events can occur during travel, and despite your best efforts to pack your belongings securely, there is still a risk of loss or damage. The best action is to ensure that your belongings are covered by insurance should any unwanted occurrence happen during your trip.

Choose the Right Airline

Planning a trip requires extra effort and research to have the most pleasant and stress-free experience possible. Reviewing the offered flight services, their requirements, and facilities can help you choose which airlines match your preferences and packing demands.

Research Airline Cargo Rates

Some airlines charge fees based on the quantity, size, and weight of your cargo. Suppose you are a vast packer bringing heavy tools inside ATA flight and hard shell cases. In that case, it is best to be aware of the expenses you will need to pay for your baggage and select an airline that offers reasonable passenger rates.

Consider Travel Options Outside of Flying

You can save money by researching other transportation options if you intend to export large quantities and heavy belongings. For instance, you can opt to ship your valuables in ATA flight cases and hard shell cases separately from your flight through sea or land transport. Although this may require packing in advance, it will be more convenient and economical.

Choose the Right Plastic Case

You can choose between light-duty and medium-duty carrying cases if you want size convenience. However, if you seek plastic cases that provide excellent protection for your belongings during flight, heavy-duty carrying, shipping, and expo cases are more suitable.

Looking For The Perfect Travel Case For Your Precious Valuables?

We all want a delightful and hassle-free journey, and one way to achieve that is by ensuring our belongings and essential valuables are tucked in safely in our cases during the travel. Selecting the best ATA case for travel may depend on the type, quantity, and weight of the assets you intend to transport.

At Custom Case Company, we offer a range of choices that best meet your needs. We provide durable hard shell cases for your devices, fragile equipment, and thick and well-knitted soft cases for light travel.

In addition, the Custom Case Company recognizes that we all travel for different reasons and have distinct needs. This is why we offer to build ATA custom cases, giving you the ideal travel case for your most valuable equipment!

Contact the Custom Case Company now to get a unique ATA case design and pack efficiently for your next trip!