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Custom Case For Hand Hygiene Products

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Custom Case For Hand Hygiene ProductsCustom Case is very adept at designing customized cases for unique products. We specialize in building durable, reliable protective cases for transporting and storing fragile items and equipment, helping to reduce losses caused by product damage in transit.

Hand sanitizer bottles come in a wide range of sizes and can be vulnerable to leakage. Sanitizer bottles rarely fit well into standard cases, but we can custom manufacture cases to match the hand hygiene product’s exact dimensions. No matter the brand or type of hand sanitizer, a custom hand hygiene storage case can safely transport alcohol-based hand-rub (ABHR) containers without fear of damaging the container or belongings.

Custom Case Company manufactures custom hand hygiene storage cases that can protect hand sanitizer products from impacts, wear, tear, and breakage, which is especially important during large-scale medical crises or supply shortages where available product must arrive undamaged. Our custom hand hygiene storage cases are, shockproof, weatherproof case, and fully customizable to ensure the safe transport and delivery of your ABHR products.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer and Hand Hygiene Cases

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) classifies hand sanitizer solutions as a Class IC flammable liquid under Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code 30-2012. Additional temperature ​and fire safety regulations may also be required based on the specific product’s Material Safety Data Sheet.

Most brand-name hand sanitizers have a flashpoint well below 100° F and a boiling point around 176° F. Hand sanitizer vapors may also be flammable in certain situations. Without a proper protective case, hand sanitizer could easily ignite in the trunk of a sales representative’s car, if stored near heating vents, and more. It’s important to have a storage case that will resist the dangerous thermal impact of external temperatures.

At Custom Case Company, we build custom-designed hand sanitizer storage cases to protect your hand sanitizer bottles in all situations. We design and manufacture all of our hand hygiene storage cases to the same high-quality standards as our other cases and target specific aspects of the case to mitigate risks specific to ABHR products.

Our custom hand hygiene storage cases are soft-sewn and offer many different internal and external customization options. Not only do our custom hand sanitizer cases protect valuables from damage, they are also ideal for marketing and branding purposes.

We can also silk-screen print or embroider company logos onto any case. We manufacture cases from a variety of materials, including denier canvas, vinyl, and high-quality imitation leather. We also offer a wide selection of interior materials to line our cases, including felt, flocked fabrics, velveteen, and vinyl. We can also customize all cases to include handles, straps, and buckles to facilitate easier lifting and moving.

Custom Hand Hygiene Cases from Custom Case Company

At Custom Case Company, our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that we meet or exceed expectations on every order. While project lead times may vary based on several factors, we make every effort to provide quick turnarounds and accommodate rush orders.

Custom Case Company’s custom-designed hand hygiene storage cases are also cost-efficient. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and our team maintains efficiency in all of our manufacturing processes. We can generally produce custom cases at better or comparable rates to standard case orders.

Contact us​ or request a quote or for more information regarding our custom hand hygiene storage cases and custom hand sanitizer case solutions.